Thursday, May 28, 2009

The First Name Game

The First Name Game

The Name is the Same

Lizzie Rampley had some explaining to do to the pension department when she applied for her husband James' Civil War pension. There was a problem. Her name on the marriage license to James Rampley indicated she was born Nancy Newman, not Lizzie. The difference needed to be explained. Some potential pension claims were fraudulent, and Lizzie would have to explain why she married under one first name and was applying under another one. Inconsistent names in applications gave government officials reasonable cause to be suspicious.

There was a reason for the name difference, and it had nothing to do with fraud. The story is partially explained in the pension file itself with an affidavit from Lizzie's sister-in-law, Nancy Rampley.

The rest of the article can be viewed on Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter which ran on 7 May 2009 .

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