Thursday, August 6, 2009

Proof of Marriage

From "Proof of Marriage"

I know they were married, but I cannot find it. They had to get married; after all they had children. Well . . . not necessarily. Usually a marriage precedes the children. It is finding the record of that marriage that sometimes creates headaches for the genealogist.

Genealogists should begin their search for a marriage record with the local civil records office (usually at the county or the town level) near where the couple lived early in their marriage and near where their first child was born. The records of the church of which the couple was a member should also be searched (if applicable).

The rest of this 2005 article can be viewed on my website.

Proof of Marriage ran on in 2005, back when my column was called "Beyond the Index." I like Casefile Clues better.

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