Monday, August 24, 2009

Sample of Old Articles

This list is a partial listing of several old articles from back when I was writing at The ads are out of date, but the information is still good. New articles are being distributed by subscription to my weekly how-to newsletter--"Casefile Clues" for only $15 a year.

Do I have the Right Family?
Ancestral Biographies
1851 Canadian Census
Not a Primary or a Secondary Source
Ethnic Newspapers
Getting Ready for the Everyname 1910 Census Index
Using the World War I database at
1880 Agricultural Census
I Can't Find It
Relating Relationships--figuring out a very non-nuclear family
Birth and Death at the Poor Farm
Proof of Marriage
Lessons from the Church Register
The American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress
Fishing For Clues in John Lake's Estate
Ethnic Eccentricities
Brickwalls from A to Z -- Ideas for breaking down that brick wall.
My Brickwall Followup to the Ellen article below
My 2005 Christmas Present--Working on my brick wall Ellen!
What I Wish I Knew
Ancestral Signatures: Part II
Plat Books
Ancestral Signatures
From Elineny to Frederick and Back
The Check's in the Mail and other Home Sources
When the Index Does Not Help
Letters from Near and Far
Grandma's Clippings
The naturalization of three brothers
Another Search for Jann--using the immigration databases at
Searching with Dots and Umlauts- searching with non-English language characters
A Minor Naturalization--minor naturalizations
A Rural Cemetery Excursion--complete with pictures
Ready for the Family History Library--suggestions before you go to Salt Lake
Clipping Clues--analyzing a newspaper clipping
Searching for a Birth Record--when 1 out of 4 does not have a birth record.
Working for a Living
Clues from British Census Enumerations
Evaporating Ancestors
Organizing By Place--ways to use maps
Finding my 1920 People, Part I
Finding my 1920 People, Part II
Every Little Detail
From Their Mouth to Your Computer Screen
The Importance of Tracking
Problem-Solving: An Example
Cold Calling
Named for Whom?
Wacky Well-known Census Enumerations
1930 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
A $31.44 Inheritance
Lessons Learned at the Family History Library
Where Do I Find It? Ideas for locating vital records.
I'm a Genealogist--I don't Need to Watch Soap Operas
The Search for the Parents of Franciska Trautvetter--Part I
The Search for the Parents of Franciska Trautvetter--Part II
The Search for the Parents of Franciska Trautvetter Continues
Separating Delayed Twins: Three birth certificates, four children, and a dose of confusion.
More 1880 Census Searching - Using the improved free census search interface at for 1880.
Where is That? Some ways to find those out of the way places
Mid-19th Century Immigrants--Some records to think about before looking at passenger lists...or when passenger lists fail.
Why? Think about the reasons BEHIND the document--are there additional clues?
To Pass it On: Bringing Genealogy to the Younger Set
Writing the Relatives
Finding Aunt Gertrude--A 20th century problem
How are You Handling the Skeleton? Thoughts on the darker sides of your family tree
Things to do in 2005 - a few ideas to get you started and some things you should not put off
Paging Through the Census - 4 spelling variants on one census page
Cousin Removal!
Researching Out to Extended Family
One Piece at a Time--Analyzing a 1910 Chicago Death Certificate
Have You Looked at the Links in Your Chain?
Time is Up!
The Quick Quit Claim Part II -More about quitclaim deeds
The Quick Quit Claim-- Quit Claim Deeds
Where did they get THAT? Getting clues from misinformation
Female Ancestors: After the Marriage
1930 Census for Kids
Searching the World War I Draft Card Online Index
World War I Draft Cards of the Rich and Famous--Draft Cards for several well-known people may provide clues for researching less well-known relatives
Knowing the Links in the Chain--establishing a migration trail
Since We Were Girls -- Examining two witness statements from a Pension File
The Special Examiner's Report -- the report of a special examiner who came to hear testimony in pension case.
Analyzing Riley--looking at dates and additional clues in Civil War Pension File
The Complete Civil War Pension what is in a complete Union Civil War Pension File
Before Pension--Suggestions for determining if your ancestor had military service and a pension (Civil War)
The Census Man Cometh
Is Your Brick Wall in Your Head?
1856 Illinois Probate Manual--the Dower--- a discussion of dower rights in the early to mid 18th century
1856 Illinois Probate Manual--Summary of probate practices mid 19th century Midwest.
No Stone to Leave Unturned--Ideas for when there is NO tombstone for your relative.
Land Record Review
From a Distance--researching when you do not live near the locality
Pick A Spouse-Any SpouseWorking with ancestors who had more than one spouse
A Bigger Bieger and a Fallen SparrowTwo problems centering on a parent's remarriage
Your Ancestor WasCharacteristics of your ancestor
Getting Wild--Using Wildcard Searches
The Kings Daughters--an intruduction to the King's Daughters

Census Retrospective--a review of several census articles from the past several years
The First Name Game--concerns over given names
The Last Name Game--concerns over last names
Arming Myself to Find a Swedish Name--A Swedish last name problem.
It Never Looks the Same When it is Not Fresh--Leaving yourself an audit trail
Catching Christening Clues: Belgian Baptismal Beginnings--analyzing a set of late eighteenth century Belgian Catholic church records
Dating the Belgians Via France---Using the French Republican Calendar

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