Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Images for 30 August 2009 Casefile Clues

The birth certificate shown here is one of those briefly mentioned in the 30 August issue of Casefile Clues which was just sent out to the mailing list.

The second image is part of the baptismal transcription I located for Anna Apgar, my wife's grandmother. The article discusses how this record was located--it wasn't as easy as it looks, but nothing is in this family.

Subscribers who join in the next 24 hours will get this issue and their subscription will still begin with the issue scheduled to run next Sunday. Occasionally I get a little behind, but weekly articles will be sent. We've got a variety of topics coming in future issues covering a variety of time periods, locations, and ethnic groups. Join us and learn more about exploring for your past!

Remember if you're for looking for the latest "genealogy news" we are not the place. Casefile Clues focuses on records, sources, and methods.

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