Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meeting up with Metes and Bounds

I always like writing about land records, but realize that not everyone is as thrilled with metes and bounds lands records as I am. The issue on the Kentucky deed did contain more than just how to plat it as I know that not everyone has research problems in those areas that describe property in metes and bounds. But there are clues there for those who have problems in those areas.

I am working on topics for upcoming issues of "Casefile Clues." Some future topics include:
  • Census work done in an attempt to find out what precipitated the 1831 Kentucky deed discussed this week
  • Analyzing a series of pre-1850 census records on one family
  • An update on my attempt to locate the likely father of my Ira Sargent (born ca. 1843 in Canada or New York)
  • A pre-emption land claim from 1850s era in Missouri
  • Census directory work on a 1870-1900 era family in Chicago
Case studies always try and be about the process, with the intent of getting the reader to think about their own problems, even if they are in different places and slightly different time periods. Suggestions from readers are always welcomed. In some families, I'm writing about work that I did a while ago (so I know where it's going to end up). In others, the work is still progressing. I think this is good as the process is "fresh." In some cases I'll mention on our Facebook fan page (and here) various research tasks I'm doing as I work on various families.

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