Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reviewing an Old Proof

I have written about Anna Apgar Verikios Lake before. She was my wife's maternal grandmother, born in Chicago in 1913 to William Apgar and Mary/Marie DeMar/Desmarais.

There's another problem in her ancestry. Her father's real name was not William Apgar. It actually was William Frame. I proved this to myself several years ago with sources and logical reasoning, but I realized that I never really formalized my proof and as I was doing some work on him today (he was born in Chicago ca. 1888), I realized that I should make certain my case is still solid. As I thought about it a little, I started to remember what I had used even though the records weren't in front of me. Relying on my memory isn't a good thing.

I never did figure out why he chose Apgar as a last name. It was not his mother's maiden name. The Frame family is pretty much all English.

In an upcoming issue of "Casefile Clues," we'll look at my case for William Apgar and William Frame being the same person. Unfortunately there was no record of the "name change," but there are a few official records pointing to the change and a variety of circumstantial sources.

It is a little bit of an usual case. I'm looking forward to writing it up again and seeing what readers think of it.

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