Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marriage of Mrs. Mary Sargent and Asa Landon

In recent issues of Casefile Clues, I've been mentioning Asa Landon and Mary Sargent. We've tracked Asa Landon from 1850 in Winnebago County, Illinois to Christian County, Missouri in 1860.
The real focus is Mary Sargent, who I think might be the mother of my Ira Sargent.
This marriage record clearly indicates Mary had been married before (she is listed as "Mrs. Mary Sargent"). The Justice of the Peace is a near neighbor of the Landons in 1850 in Winnebago County, Illinois.
Work now continues on trying to locate Mary's Sargent husband--likely father of Mary's Sargent children. We'll have future updates in Casefile Clues as research on this family unfolds.
Stay Tuned!

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