Saturday, October 31, 2009

Obituary Arrived for Anna Weerts 1881-1948

I just received the obituary for Anna Weerts, shown on the stone in my earlier post.

Her obituary is wrong about her parents, who immigrated with her to the United States, and a few other details. I'm integrating it into the article which is scheduled to run on 8 November. I'll post a digital image or transcription later. Also makes an excellent point about obtaining obits from more than one paper. The Litchfield, Illinois, newspaper, had a very short writeup and the Mt. Olive, Illinois, newspaper had a longer one. A few lessons to be learned from which paper had the longer obit too.

Molly K. of got the obituaries for me from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, in Springfield, Illinois. I have used her services before and been very pleased (just a pleased client--Molly doesn't even know I mentioned her on this post).

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