Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charles A. Liddle Biography

Regular Casefile Clues readers will remember an earlier article (from 9 August 2009) on passport applications included discussion on the application of Robert Frame. A search of the 1941 Chicago Who's Who included this biography of Charles Allen Liddle, the executive who signed a letter requesting that Frame receive a passport for business purposes.

Robert Frame's maternal grandmother's maiden name was Liddle.

Work on the Liddles in Pennsylvania is beginning, but there is a chance of a connection. Robert Frame's parents spent a year or two in Pennsylvania (mid-1860 era) before settling in Chicago and research (in census records thus far) on Charles Allen Liddle indicates his paternal grandparents were English natives. This may be more than just a coincidence. We'll keep readers posted with an update as more information is uncovered. One should always keep looking for those family connections.

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