Thursday, November 12, 2009

Famous Census Search Contest

The Famous Census Search Contest has been revived!

After a hiatus, our contests are back. The first person to locate one of these individuals in the census year shown will win a year's subscription to "Casefile Clues" my genealogy how-to newsletter.
  • 1920 George Burns-bio
  • 1930 Hank Williams, Sr. - bio
  • 1910 Bob Hope - bio
  • 1870 Thomas Edison - bio
  • 1920 Spencer Tracy - bio

We will announce more contests in the coming days.

To submit an entry email with information. Provide a COMPLETE census citation and indicate what person you think you have found. Incomplete citations or entries in the nature of "he should be in New York" will not be considered. The announcement of the winner is at the discretion of Michael John Neill. Winners will be announced on the website and via email.

And if you're tired of trying and would like to subscribe to Casefile Clues, we'd love to have you--an annual subscription to the weekly newsletter is only $15 a year.

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