Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One must always be re-evalutating

It's not the most critical thing in the world, but it makes the point--one must always be re-evaluating and conclusions can always be revised in light of new information.

This is a scan of the receipt from the Hancock County, Illinois, Collector's Office for the payment of taxes by Herman Haase for the estate of his mother, Barbara Haase. The inventory of the estate indicates Barbara owned the middle 1/3 and the south 1/3 of lot 10 in Wilson's subdivision of Warsaw, Illinois. The Collector's receipt from 1904 indicates that taxes were paid on just the East 1/2. The difference is not a major revelation, but it does throw off the map I created for Barbara's property if the receipt is correct.
Issue 16 of Casefile Clues discussed Barbara's property and how it was disposed of after her death. The quit claim deeds (referenced in issue 16) make no mention of east half of the lot, but then again, quit claim deeds do not always have to be entirely accurate. In fact the quit claim deeds mention just the entire of lot 10 for reasons discussed in issue 16.
But the receipt reinforces the need for work on how the property was obtained. See, it just never ends.
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