Friday, November 6, 2009

Upcoming at Casefile Clues

The following are scheduled topics before the end of the year:
  • an update on Ira Sargent, including why research at the Family History Library (even when they had the source I needed) was not the best idea
  • an update on the "second" homestead file referenced in the homestead claim filed by the heirs of Rolf Habben
  • my attempts to connect an early 20th century employee of the Pullman Car Company with the one-time chief executive of that company
  • my use of Kentucky court records to connect a father and a son
  • working on a problem by using the four step problem-solving approach
  • why the King George V of Hanover was the godparent of my ancestors' child

Suggestions from readers are always suggested. I'm working on a few things "across the pond" as well, but again the focus will be on the method and the sources. There are times after working on a Swedish family for a few days that I get an idea on one of my

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