Thursday, November 19, 2009

Working on the Chicago Research Problem

Researcher working with me on the Frame-Apgar-DeMar problem are close to finalizing just what we're going to have her research for me. Part of the problem is staying focused on the goal (and my budget). Her initial survey revealed some interesting things about the mother that really won't help me tie the son to the parents more concretely or tell me where the son was after 1918. One has to stay focused.....

Readers--one question:

The initial research survey for the Frame-Apgar-DeMar problem indicated the mother (when her husband was alive) appears to be the purchaser of real estate (and the lead name on the mortgage). Is there interest in finding out "why?" It's not a part of my original "plan," but I'll modify if there's interest in trying to see what was going on there.

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