Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Subscribers

A few things for new subscribers, just in case you missed them in earlier messages:

1) Make certain is on your "allowed sender" list or whatever so that the email with the newsletter attached does not get caught in your spam filter, etc.

2) The email address to which this message was sent is the one to which your newsletter will be sent. I think I caught every request for a "non-paypal" address, but if I didn't please accept my apologies and send me a reminder.

3) The newsletter is sent on Sunday or Monday. I post an announcement to our "Casefile Clues" fanpage on Face Book and to the newsletter's website the newsletter has been sent. If you see the announcement and don't have your newsletter, please contact me.

4) Back issues 11-20 can be purchased for $5.50. The early issues (1-10) are not quite as nicely formatted as the later ones, but the content is good and shows how we've made progress and improvement since we started. Issues 1-10 can be purchased for $5.50. The link to choose and go to a secure site for payment is here.

5) Back issues 1-20 can be purchased as a group for $11.00.

6) Every year in May I have a group trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake. More information is here:

7) If you know of anyone who may be interested in the newsletter, feel free to spread the word.

8) Questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions can be sent to me

9) Last and most important, thanks for subscribing to Casefile Clues!


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