Monday, December 7, 2009

A reader success

I just received this message from a subscriber, and with her permission am posting it here. I'm always interested in hearing research stories generated by articles. Thanks!
I am a new subscriber, and I quickly read all of your back issues. I have a brick wall that I've been researching for several years. After reading your Casefile Clues, I started to backtrack (yet again) my steps on this family.

I recently started searching old newspapers from the 1930s and found one that stated my gr gr grandmother, Mamie Bartley Jackson Clayton, had visited her brother, E. Shultz, in Hartford, KY. I've never heard of E. Shultz or that surname, so I started trying to find out Mr. Shultz's first name. While 're-reviewing' census records, I remembered Case File #12, which looked at the Demar/Frame family and how one of the persons in the household was listed as a 'roomer' but was most likely a relative.

I just happened to look up my gr grandfather, Sylvester Jackson, in the 1920 census again, and he was living as a 'boarder' with Ed and Caroline Shultz in Saline County, IL! Bingo! He was probably living with his uncle, the 'E. Shultz' that his mother had visited in the 1930s. I then checked the Illinois deaths online database and found out when Caroline Shultz died and requested an obituary look-up from the local library. I will also obtain her death record to get more clues. I've known my uncle lived in this household for years, but I never suspected he could be living with relatives. Thank you for providing a case file clue that helped me knock down another brick on my wall!

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