Saturday, December 5, 2009

Subscription Cut Off Times

To streamline the subscription process:

Every issue of Casefile Clues is dated on a Sunday. In some instances, issues may not go out until Monday or Tuesday, but Sunday is our actual "date" of the issue.

Effective immediately, subscriptions received by 12:01 am Sunday will begin with that Sunday's issue. Subscriptions received after that time will begin the following Sunday and will be processed sometime after Sunday's issue has been sent to subscribers.

This really should not impact most subscribers as subscribers will get back issues from the last issue when back issues were "grouped." Back issues are grouped in sets of ten and sold in groups. Anyone who subscribes in time for issue 19 (which will be dated tomorrow), can request issues 11-18 at no charge. Anyone who subscribes in time for issue 20(which will be dated 13 December), can request issues 11-19 at no charge. Anyone who subscribes in time for issue 21 (which will be dated 20 December) will have to purchase back issues as 11-20 will be grouped and sold as a set.

This was done to make it easier for my staff (that is, me) to deal with charges for back issues.

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