Friday, January 15, 2010

Bureau County, Illinois Genealogical Society Newsletter

Casefile Clues received a very nice write up in the January-February 2010 issue of the Bureau County Genealogical Society Newsletter. Janes Jones, editor, had several nice things to say about Casefile Clues and I appreciate the mention.

I've spoken to the group in Princeton several times over the past ten years. It's always a good time and an enjoyable experience. The Bureau County society is very active and very successful in their endeavors--a really good society to model for those in a rural area.

The price of Casefile Clues was $15 when the review was written and when the newsletter went to press (annual rate is now $17). Society members who would like to subscribe at the $15 rate can do so, just email me the last name of the new society member from Springfield as listed in your newsletter and I'll send you a link that will give you the $15 rate. My email is

Thanks Jane for mentioning Casefile Clues. I appreciate it.

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