Saturday, January 30, 2010

Success with Google Books

I've just copied an email from a reader in Florida who shared with me her research experience with Google Books.


Must tell you, Michael, after receiving the current newsletter. I read it bright and early Fri. morning and started trying to make some "hits" but no luck until I put the names of my great grandparents in the search.

Well, I had no idea where they came from in Ireland. I only have info on the US side of the family. Up came the partial message that was placed in the Irish immigrants advertisements in the Boston Pilot. I got the Vol. # and name of the book. Our library had only 4 volumes and I needed # 7. That afternoon we went to the library in Bradenton, looked up vol. 7 and there was the ad, giving the parish name and city in Ireland. I wondered how I was ever going to find out where they came from. Well, now I have a starting place to continue searching. In one short day from getting your newletter I was able to find out something about the Irish relatives. Now to look at the FHC film.

Hopefully others have had good luck as well.

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