Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcoming Topics

The first of the year has been busy for a variety of reasons and the schedule I had planned for Casefile Clues got slightly altered.

Here are somethings we are working on for future issues:
  • An update on my "hiring a professional researcher" article. We'll take a look at parts of the contract, my expectations, her expectations, etc. I'll discuss why certain records were or were not included. And we'll discuss times (briefly as we've done some of it before) when to hire a professional, when to have a consultation, and when a "lookup" may be all you need.
  • An update on Ira Sargent---one reader re-subbed her quarterly subscription because she wanted to know what happened to Ira. Well, I don't know all that much more about him than what has been written about him and his family in earlier editions of Casefile Clues. My road trip to Rockford, Illinois, where his likely father died, hopefully will come off in the next month or so and I'll have a report to make.
  • An update on Andrew Trask--our focus in issue 27. I've followed up on some of the suggestions in that issue and have made some headway on this native of Massachusetts born in the 1810s.
  • A transcription of one War of 1812 pension. Two sets of records I received have "issues" and I need to get them again so I can compare the two sets of copies---then they will be discussed in an upcoming column.
  • Ira Sargent was put in an Illinois state mental hospital. I have information on the process, just need to get it started. Maybe some Casefile Clues readers will nag me until it gets done (grin!).
  • Occupational records on members of the Frame and Demar families from the Pullman Car Company in Chicago. Those may answer some of the questions discussed in previous issues on those families.
  • A discussion of a will from the 1760 era in Virginia.

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