Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on Casefile Clues

It is hard to believe 25 issues have been created since I began self-distributing Casefile Clues in July 2009.

Since then, we've greatly improved the formatting (thanks to readers suggestions) and have included citations (thanks particularly to Sue H. and Rondina M. for assistance with this). Our goal is to present sources and methods in an environment that supports document, citation, and good research practice. Casefile Clues does not do "news" or generic "how-to" pieces. Eastman already does a fine job of the news and the internet is replete with general how-to pieces.

Our goal is to get you thinking about trying a source you have never used, a method you have never utilized, or a point of view you have not considered. That's the goal. Sometimes I get closer to that than others.

Get a sample and see for yourself--or join our Fans page on Facebook and interact with other readers. Casefile Clues is trying to be something a little different from your typical "how-to" magazines. Give us a try.

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