Sunday, February 14, 2010

Issue 29 and the future

Issue 29 is being proofed--please be patient as sometimes Sue has to deal with me being footnote challenged. I'm still somewhat recovering from my surgery and am still playing catchup and trying to not get any more behind than I already am. Hopefully readers appreciate the work we do on citations in Casefile Clues. My copy of Evidence Explained is getting more and more worn every week.

Issue 29 will be sent out, but most likely not on Sunday. Early this week is looking like the expected delivery if you have been putting off subscribing, there's still time.

Upcoming topics in the near future are:
  • working on the Trask family in St. Louis 1820-1880 to see if/how the Andrew we discussed fits as a potential relative
  • analyzing the War of 1812 pension file for Levi Rhodes
  • update on hiring the professional

These I'mworking on in the relatively near future. Suggestions for future topics are always welcomed. There are several pieces planned for a little bit later down the road.

Thanks--as always feel free to let others know about Casefile Clues and feel free to send me suggestions.

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