Thursday, March 11, 2010

Competing with the Big Guys

I will be honest. It is difficult competing with the "big" genealogy magazines that are out there (although there are less of them than there used to be). Casefile Clues doesn't have a big advertising budget, a staff I can dump numerous tasks on, or a website developer I can tell to do things. Consequently there are things the "big boys" can do that Casefile Clues cannot.

What we are trying to do is something slightly different and I think our survey results indicated it is reasonating with readers. I'm trying to have Casefile Clues be more than what you get in the "mass-market" magazines and not quite as formal as one gets in the journals (although we are citing our sources and striving to improve our citation form). Hopefully we are hitting that target.

Keep in mind there is just one person making editorial decisions at Casefile Clues--me. Suggestions are always welcome and please share the news about Casefile Clues with others. Our survey indicates that half of you already have done that---and it is appreciated.

Feel free to blog about your experiences with Casefile Clues, share it with your website readers, etc. Every spreading of the word helps.

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