Monday, March 22, 2010

If You Could Ask Genealogists.....

Casefile Clues is going to survey up to 1,000 genealogists (ok, the survey will NOT be random, please do not send me lectures about that).

What questions would you like to ask genealogists? What would you like to know? We'll pick from your questions and set up a survey by the end of the week. The survey results will be posted here for anyone to view as soon as they have been tabulated.

Please post suggestions as replies to this message and please don't spam us. If your question has a list of possible answers, include at least some of them to help me when I'm formulating the question for the survey. For example if your question is "what newsletters do you read?" then include titles of some so I can give respondents a list to choose from instead of having them type them in.

Submission of a question does not guarantee it will be included in the survey. Inclusion of questions is at Michael's discretion. Deadline for submission is noon central time Thursday 25 March 2010.


  1. 1) Have you ever used Interlibrary Loan at your local library to borrow genealogical materials?

    2) If not, why not? [possible choices could include: Librarian was unhelpful, Was told genealogy can't be borrowed, was told there would be a charge I can't afford, Live too far away from a library, I didn't know they would borrow things for me!---etc., etc.]

  2. How do you research a Civil War Confederate prisoner who enlisted in the US Navy while a prisoner? Where are the records of these men?

  3. What do you know now that you wish you'd known when you started?

  4. Who's your role model? Specifically, when you get stuck and say to yourself, "I wonder how ____________ would handle this," whose name do you put in the blank?

  5. How does one become a professional genealogist? Are there schools or courses to take, groups to get involved with? Do most professionals have a specialization?

  6. For those who are Certified Genealogists, other than having the title, do you feel the CG has helped you in the actual research? Did you see an increase in clients obtaining the certification.

    For those who have not chosen to get Certified, do you feel it has hendered your research in any way, in that you could have more clients or be a better researcher should you go that path. Why have you chosen not to get Certified?

    (The above may be two questions)

  7. How old were you when you started doing genealogy?

    Years ago, I read somewhere that the average age one starts doing genealogy is 55. My suspicion is that the average age is getting younger. LOL I was a couple years younger than that myself.