Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Demoss farm--part of Patented Certificate

John Demoss (whose will was discussed in Casefile Clues 33) bequeathed his farm to two of his sons. The boundaries of his farm were listed in a patent dated 16 July 1802, which I discovered online while wrapping up issue 33.

I'm not certain when I'll get to writing about this, but there is a very significant clue in this metes and bounds description that I wanted to share with readers and site users. It mentions "Ramsey's Reserve." John Demoss' mother was Susannah Ramsey and this is the first connection I have uncovered that John Demoss was living near a farm sharing the last name of his mother. No hard and fast proof, but definitely worth checking out.

Those metes and bounds descriptions are good for more than simply an exercise in geometry--don't ignore them.

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