Thursday, March 11, 2010

Regions Where Subscribers Have Interests

The map should have been tweaked slightly, but here are the results. Clicking on the image will pull up a larger picture.

The results really tended to follow general migration patterns across the United States, which was not all that surprising. It was nice to know though that my general assumptions were correct. It can be difficult to get an idea of where researchers are working when for a significant number all I know is their email address.

This gives me some direction for future areas. Keep in mind that articles focusing on methods are applicable to other regions besides the one they are specifically about although the sources used may be different. In some cases, differences are more pronounced for the following:
  • frontier areas/settled areas
  • rural/urban
  • non-movers/transitory
  • relative position on the socio-economic scale

I've been trying to cover a variety of these groups in Casefile Clues articles. But remember, I almost always write about research I'm doing on my children's ancestry. They have great-great-great-grandparents born in the following locations:

  • Ostfriesland, Germany
  • Ireland
  • Thuringen, Germany
  • Coshocton County, Ohio (with Maryland and Pennsylvania ancestry)
  • Canada (with New England ancestry)
  • somewhere in Missouri (with Heaven only knows ancestry-see I have those, too!)
  • Rush County, Indiana (with Virginia and Kentucky ancestry)
  • Clinton County, New York (with French-Canadian ancestry)
  • Adams County, Illinois (with Ostfriesen ancestry)
  • Hancock County, Illinois (with German ancestry--via Ohio)
  • Ostergotland, Sweden
  • Mercer County, Illinois (with Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey ancestry)
  • East Flanders, Belgium
  • Scott County, Iowa (with Bavarian, Thuringian, and Swiss ancestry)
  • County Cumberland, England (via Chicago, Illinois)
  • Chariton County, Missouri (with Tennessee ancestry)
  • Linn County, Missouri (with Tennessee ancestry)
  • Mercer County, Kentucky

And cousins who scattered throughout the United States.

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