Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1895 Kansas Census Index Entry for Christian Troutfetter

Some names are easier to read incorrectly than others, especially when the census taker uses a creative spelling.

This screen shot is from the 1895 census index entry for Christian Troutfetter in Thomas County, Kansas.

He's indexed with a last name of Tronttefitter. He was found by searching for men whose name started with "Chris" in Thomas County, Kansas.

I submitted an alternate spelling for on this one. If the name really does look like "Tronttefitter" then Troutfetter is not a correction. We don't correct the census. We note that that the name was not spelled the way the family usually spelled it.

Of course, it the census actually said "Troutfetter" then changing it from "Tronttefitter" to "Troutfetter" would be a correction and should be done.

Regular readers of Casefile Clues have seen the name Trautvetter before. For reasons that are not known, Christian and his descendants use the Troutfetter spelling.

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