Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christian in 1880

I'm working on part of an upcoming article today and am missing one census entry for a Christian Troutfetter and cannot seem to find him.

I am looking for Christian Troutfetter, born Sept 1831, Saxony (from the 1900 Census) and his wife Elizabeth (born Oct 1835 in Germany) for an upcoming Casefile Clues column on his son, Philip. I have Christian in the following years and places.

  • 1860-Wilcox, Hancock County, Illinois, page 84.
  • 1870-Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois, page 4.
  • 1880-??
  • 1895--Colby, Thomas County, Kansas, page 12.
  • 1900-Morgan Township, Thomas County, Kansas, Sheet 2B
  • 1910-Colby City (3rd "class), Thomas County, Kansas, Sheet 7A
These are not complete citations--just enough to help someone else find him.
The problem is locating him in 1880. He probably was in Illinois, but I am not certain. His occupation varies from a farmer to a butcher.

Any suggestions from readers with a little time on their hands? A more complete summary on him and the searches will appear in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues. His likely location in Illinois would have been in either Montebello, Warsaw, Wilcox, or Rocky Run Townships.


  1. I think I found it.


    Chris Troutfedder(49)
    Lizzy (46)
    Maria (23)
    Mary (21)
    Philip (14)
    William (12)
    George (9)
    Franklin (7)

    Living in Alexandria, Clark, Missouri. Indexed as Foutfedder.

  2. That is him. I'll post a screenshot of the image tomorrow. Thanks!