Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Few Pullman Links in Preparation for Issue 37

Issue 37 looks at some employment records from the Pullman Car Company in Chicago. For those who would like more information on the car company and the company town of Pullman, here are a few links:

Google searches will bring up quite a few results. There's a lot of history to the car company and the town of Pullman, which I won't repeat here. The town was eventually absorbed into Chicago, after a suit forced its separation from the Pullman car company. One shouldn't assume that all Pullman employees lived in Pullman owned homes during the time the company owned the town. Thomas Frame (discussed briefly in issue 37) did not live in the company town even though he was employed by the company during the time the company owned the town.

Both Thomas and his son Ralph were employed by Pullman during the Great Strike of 1894.

Our focus in 37 is on the records and what they have to say about the individuals being researched.

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