Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Issue 40--Searching For John Ufkes in 1870

We take again at another missing ancestor in the 1870 census: John Ufkes. This ancestor is different from the other one I am trying to find in 1870--John is extremely well documented. The other person I can't find in 1870 is very hit and miss in the records, John is different.

For John:
  • I have his christening record.
  • I know when he arrived in the US (have the manifest).
  • I know when he declared his intent to become a citizen.
  • I know when he filed a homestead claim in Nebraska.
  • I know when he abandoned that claim.
  • I know when he married.
  • I have dates and places of birth for all his children.
  • I have deeds for all his property in Illinois.
  • I have his 1880, 1900-1920 enumerations for the census.
  • I have his death certificate.
  • I have seen his tombstone.
I just cannot find him in the 1870 census. This week we take a look at my attempts to completely organize my search for him in the 1870 census, so that I at least leave no locality unsearched and that I use every possible combination of searches possible for him, including the four last names he could have had, the four first names he could have had and all the alternate spellings.

Susbscribe now and see why all the names were necessary and how I have organized my search.

Remember, Casefile Clues is about the process and the analysis, making that clear to readers so they can apply it to their own research--we know there are no guaranteed results.

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