Saturday, April 3, 2010

Previous Casefile Clues Topics

Here are a list of some of the topics/titles from our first 35 issues of Casefile Clues:
  • Using Google Books
  • Analyzing pre-1850 census records
  • Beginning my work with a professional researcher
  • Analyzing a 1910 place of birth
  • Finding a 1913 Chicago christening record
  • Analyzing a late 19th century estate settlement
  • Analyzing a land partition in 1830s Kentucky
  • Brick Walls from A to Z
  • Analyzing a Homestead Claim
  • Finding Geske and her Girls
  • Is that Wrong Name Correct?
  • Jumpstarting Your Research
  • Civil War Pension Analysis
  • US Passport Applications
And more! Including several on organizing and deciding where to go on several of my brickwall ancestors.

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