Sunday, April 11, 2010

Share the News: Casefile Clues

If you have found Casefile Clues helpful with your own research, please let your genealogy friends know about it. Spreading the word in the genealogical community is greatly appreciated.

Casefile Clues is one of the best bangs for your genealogical buck there is. For $17 a year, you get 52 weekly issues full of genealogy case studies, research situations, and example of actual research. Casefile Clues is not copied and pasted beginner genealogy information (not that beginning information is bad, just that many of us need something a little more). We don't gloss over the details and the reasons--we know readers can handle it and that they want it.

You can't subscribe to the bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters for $17 a year and Casefile Clues is delivered every week to your email inbox as a PDF file, for you to print or not as you choose. The only thing we ask is that you not forward copies of Casefile Clues to others. We try and keep our annual subscription rate as low as possible.

We emphasis the process of genealogy, analyzing materials, why certain records were accessed, etc. Casefile Clues is written in clear, concise prose. And we cite our sources, knowing how important that is for accurate genealogical research (you'd also be surprised to know how many additional discoveries are made just documenting our research). You'll never know how long an issue of Casefile Clues will just depends.

Casefile Clues focuses on American research, but we discuss immigrants into the United States and every so often we discuss our beginning work on a family across the pond. And sometimes our work across the pond is a little beyond the beginning stages as well. As always the focus is on the process and much of that is applicable anywhere.

Don't just take our word for it, read these blogger's reviews of Casefile Clues:
You can subscribe to Casefile Clues today by pointing your browser here.

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