Thursday, April 15, 2010

Upcoming Topics and Some Items

Here is what's coming in Casefile Clues:
  • Issue 38--A little speculative fiction
  • Issue 39--An unusual 1880 census entry
  • Issue 40--Comparing William Frame with William Apgar (analyzing handwriting, ages, etc.)
  • Issue 41--A War of 1812 Pension
  • Issue 42--Finding John's missing thirtysome acres

Spring is busy for many reasons, so I really have to keep on a schedule and plan more than usual. Next week, I'll be in Topeka, Kansas, for the Topeka Genealogical Society's workshop. In May, I'll be in Salt Lake City for my trip. In June, I'll be in southern California for the Genealogy Jamboree and in Loveland, Colorado for the Family History Expo. In July, I'll be in Norman, Oklahoma, for the Cleveland County Genealogical Society's seminar.

I would love to meet readers at any of these events and I'm sure the organizers would love to have additional registrants.

And if you aren't a subscriber to the weekly Casefile Clues, you can process a subscription here.

And if you'd like to have me present for your group's seminar, have the society or the program chair contact me at

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