Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working on Philip Troutfetter at Kansas Historical Library

I'll be spending part of Friday at the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka, the day before my seminar.

The main thing I'll be doing there is newspaper work on Philip Troutfetter. To be perfectly honest with blog readers, I decided this last night while walking the dog. Consequently I am not as prepared as I could or should be. I already have several newspaper clippings about Philip which I obtained from, Genealogybank and other online sources. Some of these newspaper items mention various events in Philip's life. I wanted to see what if anything his hometown paper had to say about these events. I made a quick, down and dirty chart of events I had. It is not sourced completely, but with enough detail that I can go back and clean up the chart (which I plan on doing for a future issue of Casefile Clues).

Sometimes we can't always be quite as organized as we want to be, but I think it is important to see how things progress and how one can try and be organized, even at the last minute. The chart is attached to this blog post as a PDF file. The completed chart (cleaned up with citations, etc.), and the original (for comparison) will appear in a future issue of Casefile Clues.

philip_ks_historical.pdf--this is the file.

I may do periodic updates while researching or I may just make one post at the end of the day.

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