Sunday, May 2, 2010

Comments from Readers

Dan Kane, one of our readers from the greater Chicagoland area, had this to say about Casefile Clues:

  • "one of the true bargains of the genealogical world..."
  • "Michael's 'war stories' make we to double back and check my previous research results"
Thanks Dan.

Sometimes when I write up Casefile Clues I have to go back and doublecheck my results before the article gets finished.

If you're not a reader of Casefile Clues, now's a great time to subscribe. $17 gets you a year of 52 weekly PDF issues. Casefile Clues comes to you--you don't have to go to it!

I've been getting some good suggestions from readers as well--adding those to my list for upcoming topics, which gets longer and longer. I do appreciate the suggestions and readers are welcome to send me more.

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