Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have You Found Casefile Clues Helpful?

Has Casefile Clues helped you with your research, directly or indirectly? Has there been an article or idea that was particularly useful to you? Some of you who have renewed have given me feedback and I appreciate that.

Let others know about Casefile Clues--spreading the word helps. And to be perfectly honest, it allows me to spend more time researching and writing. Also let me know as that helps me decide what topics to pursue.

I appreciate those who have renewed or extended their subscriptions. You support helps when I feel like I'm drowning in footnotes.

And one subscriber told me that it seems like I cite everything. It may seem like that, but remember that citation is necessary. And as I've mentioned before, when you cite sufficiently you discover more errors and omissions that you ever though possible. Believe me....

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