Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Issue 42 update

This is the 1870 census enumeration for the family whose 1880 census enumeration is partially discussed in issue 42 of Casefile Clues. Notice that there are two individuals with the same name in the household.

Part of what I'm struggling with in issue 42 is whether to tell the research "story" in the order it actually happened, or in a different order.

This 1870 enumeration was not located until after the questions the 1880 enumerations raised were answered with other sources. The 1870 was not located because the microfilm of the township where this family lived in 1870 was extremely difficult to read (translation--it looked like gray soup) and the family was not located. After Ancestry.com enhanced the digital images this entry was discovered.

I'll think about how to include this in the article, but there's not too much time as the proofreader will be looking for issue 42 in her inbox soon.

And what does that last name look like? That was a whole separate difficulty with this entry.

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