Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is not all online

If the only work you've done on an ancestor has been with online records, you are really selling your research short and likely overlooking significant materials.

(I've posted this before, but it bears repeating).

Ancestry.com and other online sites only SCRATCH the surface. And remember, genealogy is a BIG ITCH--scratching is never enough!


  1. I clicked on "read full article" but I only get this intro...............how do I get to the full article?

  2. I also only got this intro when clicking on "read full article". The online websites have some wonderful information, but they truly do only scratch the surface. I've had to contact county courthouses and repositories of vital records info. One place that I frequently use is US GenWeb, which lists people who volunteer to do legwork in various aspects of research; have often been helped there by wonderful people.

  3. The tips of the day are usually pretty short. When they appear on Facebook, the link will say "read full article" but for many tips the full tip will appear on the Fan Page on Facebook. Face Book always is set to say "view full article" even if the whole text posted to the Facebook page.