Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lost in 1870--Is One Missing Census a Problem?

Issue 40 discusses organizing a 1870 census search for an ancestor with slightly different problems from the earlier issue that tackled a problem in the same era.

This ancestor is fairly well documented in other records. That begs the question:

  • is it really necessary to find him in 1870?
It is a question worth asking--and one that was not asked in the column. Spending half a day looking for him might not be the best use of time. However, finding him may reveal new clues previously unknown.

Or it may simply indicate he was living as a hired man in a township a slight distance from where he "should" have been and listed under a name that was not what I expected.

At any rate, if you want to see how the search was organized and the charts that were used, subscribe now and I'll start your subscription with issue 40. At $17 for 52 monthly issues, it's still a good bang for your genealogy buck!

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