Friday, May 28, 2010

Share the News About Casefile Clues

Is there a genealogy friend who you think would enjoy getting Casefile Clues? Be certain to let them know about the newsletter.

Please don't let them know about the newsletter by forwarding copies to them. We try and keep the subscription cost affordable and not forwarding copies helps us to do that.

Your friend can learn more about Casefile Clues on:

Thanks for all the help and for those who spread the news about Casefile Clues. I do appreciate it.


  1. MJM - I just stumbled across your newsletter today, and have already subscribed. I also emailed my genealogy friend and she is subscribing. I will be ordering your back issues next week. Thank you for making this available - I am a longtime reader from Ancestry and have always found your writing useful and full of insight. Thanks again, JeanA

  2. Jean-
    Thanks for your note and thanks for spreading the news. I'll process orders as soon as I can--I'm working on my trip in Salt Lake right now and squeezing in newsletter work later in the evenings.