Monday, May 17, 2010


As the summer starts to come upon us and Casefile Clues works towards the conclusion of it's first year, there may be some minor changes afoot. Some of these things have been in the back of my mind for some time, but it was just finding the time to do them.

A style guide.

This will take time and stick-to-it-iveness on my part, but I'm going to start working on a style guide for the newsletter to encourage consistency. As always, Casefile Clues is evolving and changing as time goes on.


There are several individuals and problems that we've partially left "hanging." Over the summer, I hope to work on followup pieces to these earlier columns. In some cases there is more information, but still no real answers. However that is the way research goes.

More charts.

Organizing information in different ways is an important part of genealogy methodology. I've got some ideas for charts that have not been in the newsletter and others that I want to include more often. I'm going to try and incorporate at least one type of analysis chart in each column. Readers who have ideas for charts or organizational approaches they would like to see are welcome to send me an email at

Topics that we've bypassed.

There are a few topics that were on the list of "upcoming" topics that got moved to the backburner when life intervened and time grew short. Sometimes deadline just seem to creep up. Hopefully over the summer, I'll be able to wrap these items up and get out issues devoted to them. Sometimes I have a hard time imagining I've written as many columns as I have and still have all the things on my "to do" list to write about.


I appreciate the support that readers have given the newsletter and those who have "spread the word" have helped Casefile Clues more than they know!

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