Friday, May 28, 2010

Update on Philip Troutfetter Article

The next issue of Casefile Clues contains an investigator's report into Philip Troutfetter from 6 July 1900. The post office investigator reveals that his sister's mail was being watched, Philip's handwriting was being analyzed, and bank records were being investigated. The investigator also discusses how he discovered what Philip's alias was. The investigation is not like one would be today, but it is interesting.

We'll look at it in light of the likely accuracy of things and the numerous sources that are suggested based upon the report. Of course, the investigator didn't cite any sources in the report. We may even pull in a few short quotes from Evidence Explained in our analysis.

Subscribe today and get in on the start of an ongoing series on Philip. As you'll see there's definitely a lot of research that can be done on him. And it goes to show that not all boys from western Kansas lead a mundane existence!

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