Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking for a Proofreader

Casefile Clues is looking for a new proofreader. We are still in the growth stages and can only offer experience, the opportunity to increase your genealogical and citation skills, and the chance to work for a genealogical publication that is new, growing, and striving to meet a need not currently being met in the genealogical industry.

Necessary qualifications:
  • Good written English skills
  • Experience with citations in the spirit of Evidence Explained
  • Broad genealogical research experience and knowledge
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word
Questions can be addressed to Michael John Neill at


  1. Michael,
    I have some previous proofreading experience and would like to volunteer for this position. I seem to have a facility for spotting grammar and usage errors. While I may not be perfect, I would like to try.
    Donna Peterson

  2. Donna---if you are still interested, email me at

  3. Sounds interesting. Let me know if you require any further help. I would be interested in giving it a go as well.