Friday, July 23, 2010

A Reader Success Story

I received the following email from a subscriber earlier today:

I am a new subscriber to Casefiles, and I have learned a great deal.

I want to tell you I believe I finally found a Census record for my Grandfather in 1870. Using suggestions from your newsletter and your tips, I explored the 1880 Census for families that lived near the target family, checking for those that had immigrated from the same or nearby area. I checked to see if they had a child over ten that had been born in the state. I selected 3 possible names, and did a search for one, and found the family living near the same area. Because the name I was looking for has many, many possibilities, I decided to find the family and search 10 pages forward and back. The 10 forward were not successful, but about 5 pages back, I believe I found the family, and there no way I would have found it from the indexers spelling. The first names, ages, and place of birth all matched. I now have one more piece of my puzzle, with many more to go.

Thank you for giving me, a way to focus in on my search. I am looking forward to the coming issues.
Thanks KG for the positive comments. I really appreciate it.

Remember, Casefile Clues is not about fancy graphics, lots of color splash, and marketing "savvy."

It's about research, pure and simple.

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