Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Benjamin Butler in 1850--maybe

Regular readers have heard of Benjamin Butler before. An earlier issue of Casefile Clues discussed an 1870 and 1880 census enumeration that appear to be for the same individual.

I think I've found an enumeration for a Benjamin Butler in 1850 that could be the same person. The census enumeration clearly shows a last name of Butler, but it was indexed as "Butter."

The person of interest is living in St. Clair County, in Port Huron, with other Butlers on the same census page.

Part of the problem with connecting this entry to the Benjamin I have is that I don't have an 1860 census enumeration and a person with children in 1850 likely has an entirely different set of children twenty years later. That's one of the issues we'll discuss when we get to that point. There are a few other records I'm waiting on first before I get too deep in the records before 1870.

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