Monday, August 9, 2010

Benjamin Butler in pre-1870 Census Records

Subscribers know that two census entries for Benjamin Butler were analyzed in isssue 52. I've done some preliminary searching for the same individual in pre-1870 census records, but have been stymied. I have one potential entry for him in Michigan in 1850, but so far no entries in 1860.

For reasons outlined in issue 52, I'm waiting to do any more census work until some 1880 era records arrive that might more concretely tie Benjamin to the child I think is my ancestor. As discussed in 52, there are some questions about the family I'd like to have answered after the 1870 census that might tighten the connections I do have and actually might help me with the family pre-1870. My rationale for how the research is being managed was discussed in issue 52.

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We'll have updates on Benjamin Butler as research continues. And there'll be other families and their records discussed in Casefile Clues as well. I'm hoping to receive some records in the mail over the next few weeks that might answer these questions.

And anyone with time on their hands is welcome to try and locate Benjamin in 1860!

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