Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comments on Issue 2--the Insanity Issue

Teri writes (in part):
Thank you so much for the information you addressed in this issue!

My 2nd Great-Grandfather passed while at the Peoria County Poor Farm (despite having numerous family members nearby, many of which were rather prosperous). We know that he was buried at the Poor Farm as well. Plus we have the transcription of the newspaper notice noting that his remains would be moved in the 1980's due to Interstate 74 going through a portion of that cemetery, but that is all the information we have. The questions have always been "Why?" and "How?" You have definitely given me a direction to go to try to obtain more information on his time there to try to answer those questions!

Keep up the great work! Every issue has one thing (if not more) that makes me say "Ah Ha!"

I'm glad to help with some "Aha" moments!

And we're looking at working on getting more on Ira's hospitalization records. There's a family skeleton involving his first wife which we've never really addressed in Casefile Clues and I'm hoping there might be something (even a small clue) in the records about her.

Stay Tuned!

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