Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Disclosure on Casefile Clues

We don't have a disclosure about advertisers or vendors and our relationship with them at Casefile Clues because there are no relationships. The only thing the Casefile Clues website is selling is subscriptions to the newsletter (grin!).

The newsletter and the website associated with it have no advertisements. I made that decision when I began the newsletter. I also do not accept material for review. There are several reasons.

In the beginning Casefile Clues was too small to really generate any revenue from advertising. To be perfectly frank, we're probably still too small. Other sites may care about their website rankings, how much traffic they get, and how many ad sales they have. I don't. Several years ago I gave up trying to make money on affiliate marketing via genealogy (although my other sites do have advertisements I maintain the sites for fun and I don't spend any time trying to "target" my ads and change them rarely). When I started Casefile Clues I decided to just do whatever I wanted with the newsletter. And now, I simply do not want to "fuss" with advertising--either in the newsletter or on the website. It simply takes too much time.

Any mention of a book, website, database, etc. will only be done because it was used in the course of actual research. Material used for Casefile Clues comes from actual research--I don't just pull neat examples from records to use as illustrations. I'd rather research real families that I know and are related to my children. Even with that limitation, there is still a lot of ground to cover.

I don't want to appear to be pleasing any advertisers or vendors, and frankly I don't review materials because to be perfectly honest, sometimes I can be just a little too blunt. Personally I think real research and real research suggestions helps readers more than material copied and pasted or paraphrased from a press release. The content you see on this website and the newsletter did not originate in some PR office in some company's corporate headquarters. It comes straight from my keyboard, warts and all (the blog is not proofread--so I'm completely responsible for all typos and other errors).

No disclosure is needed, other than occasionally my opinions will come shining through!

Thanks again and don't forget to let your friends know about Casefile Clues.

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