Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Certain of Her Age

The Civil War pension file of Frederick Price (brother-in-law of the William Ira Sargent we've written about before) contained over 300 pages. I've written about these files recently, so it'll be a while before this one appears in the newsletter.

However the testimony of Minerva Price indicates something that most of us should keep in mind. Her 1886 deposition indicated she was not certain how old she was. Several others in the Price family started their depositions with similar statements.

Since our analysis in Casefile Clues sometimes depends on accurate ages, Minerva's comment should give us case to think--especially when dealing with individuals from this era.

A synopsis of the case will appear in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues--as it relates to the ancestry of William Ira Sargent. Frederick had three guardians appointed for him and it's quite an interesting story, but unfortunately doesn't provide immediate clues on Frederick's second wife Lucretia Sargent, sister of William Ira Sargent.

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