Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I'm thinking about using some occupational things for future issues of Casefile Clues. I've written about Pullman records before, but I'm looking for some other records besides those--maybe I can find something from the Singer Sewing Machine Company my wife's uncle worked for in the 1920s.

Our Labor Day Sale is going on this weekend, please let others who may be interested in the newsletter know about it here

Issue 3 is being wrapped up--it's not in your inbox yet. I've been getting some good feedback from readers on topics as well as some suggestions for future ideas.

I'm working on writing up some material on one of my Virginia families and we're going to look at another set of pre-1850 census records since it's been a while since we've done that. Good ol' Ira Sargent's place of burial will be discussed in a future issue. It looks like his wife's paternal family were migrants from New York State to Michigan in the 1830s-1840s which is interesting and challenging research.

Thanks to all the readers for their support and don't forget to spread the news about Casefile Clues. It really does help.

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