Saturday, September 11, 2010

Images from the 1921 Divorce Case

The images here are from the actual divorce files discussed in issue 3 (which is being proofread as this is written--it's not in your inboxes yet).
Cover from the Apgar vs. Apgar divorce case

Before locating divorce records, remember that while it takes two to get married, it only takes one to get divorced. Consequently a divorce case may be filed whereever one of the parties lives. Residency requirements may vary from one state to another and over time.

The husband in this case either could not be found or did not want to be found. Regardless, there is no response from him in the file.

Issue 3 analyzes the records and discusses further research options on this family.

William Apgar was given notice in the newspaper--there's a receipt in the records for the publication of this notice.

And there's an envelope indicating that William could not be found.  In issue 3 we'll have complete citations for the records used, too. Subscribe now and get in on fun. Join us before issue 3 goes out and you'll get it to start your subscription to Casefile Clues.

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